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Correction - Please check your Bayes’ nomogram!


ACP J Club. 2003 Nov-Dec;139:A12. doi:10.7326/ACPJC-2003-139-3-A12

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• Corrected Figure: Bayes nomogram figure in the Glossary

Some time ago, we published a version of the Bayes’ nomogram with some ill-spaced likelihood ratios (LRs) at the extremes of the scales. Ill-formed versions will have the LR of 1000 and 0.001 at a greater spacing than the rest of the LRs. These appeared in the glossaries of ACP Journal Club between Sep/Oct 1998 and Nov/Dec 1999. If you have been using a nomogram that differs (at the extremes of the center scale) from the one in the Glossary, please replace it. Our thanks to Jan Hajek for alerting us to the problem.