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Editorial adds enhanced searching to many other features


ACP J Club. 2004 Mar-Apr;140:A13a. doi:10.7326/ACPJC-2004-140-3-A13a

Visits to, the Web version of ACP Journal Club, are picking up as subscribers come to realize its many advantages. The basic benefits are these:

Publication ahead of print. Abstracts and commentaries are all available approximately 2 weeks before they appear in the print edition.

PDFs. This recently added feature is convenient for stuffing key items in your pocket or making copies for presentations and teaching, exactly as they appear in the printed version of ACP Journal Club.

Links. PubMed links are provided for each article reviewed or cited. PubMed, in turn, provides links to the full-text journal article, a “Related Articles” automated search feature, and many other resources.

Searchable database. For the past decade, has provided the highest-quality, most relevant, and highest interest-rated articles for internal medicine and its subspecialties.

The Web site is being continuously upgraded. The newest feature is an enhanced search engine (jcdev/fcgi/, with the following features:

Simpler interface. There is only one search form, not a basic and advanced search.

Searching by article topic types.ACP Journal Club classifies articles according to their objective, using the categories therapeutics, diagnosis, prognosis, clinical prediction, etiology, economics, quality improvement, editorials, Resource Corners, Practice Corners, and letters. Most clinical searches are for treatment options, with diagnosis, prognosis, and etiology being the next most frequent topics. The search screen now allows you to specify exactly which of these topics you are interested in (with the default set at “All”).

Exact-phrase matching. Just put a key phrase in quotes (e.g., “deep venous thrombosis”), and the search will retrieve articles with that exact phrase.

Synonyms. With “synonyms” turned on, you can use any term you like—including clots, phlebitis, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis—and abbreviations, such as DVT, and have a successful search. The synonym list is automatically on, but you can turn it off if you wish, by unmarking the check box on the search screen.

Search feedback. You will be informed if you try to search using words that the search engine can’t handle (“stop words”) or that don’t appear in ACP Journal Club so you can amend your search accordingly.

Faster performance. Try it! (jcdev/fcgi/

How do you sign up with

If you are an ACP member or ACP Journal Club subscriber, is free! All you need is a user ID and password. Obtain them by clicking on the “register now” link on the home page. If you aren’t an ACP member or an ACP Journal Club subscriber, then click on the “Subscribe” link (top right of the home page), and follow the instructions there.

Please note that ACP Journal Club content is also available on Ovid as part of its Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews service. There, ACP Journal Club is integrated with several other evidence-based publications. However, many of the other features noted above are not available as yet through Ovid.

Watch for more enhancements that are on the way, including e-mailed table of contents, searching according to a clinical content map, and links to other ACP publications and resources. Meanwhile, check out the new and enhanced search engine and other features at

R. Brian Haynes, MD, PhD
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada