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Correction - Evaluating evidence-based practice performance

ACP J Club. 2016;164(2):B02. doi:10.7326/ACPJC-2016-164-2-B02

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• Corrected Editorial: Evaluating evidence-based practice performance

To reach a larger audience, the American College of Physicians, publishers of ACP Journal Club, entered into an arrangement with the publishers of Evidence-Based Medicine to publish duplicate articles (1, 2). However, the American College of Physicians neglected to note this duplicate publication within its print article (2). We apologize for this oversight.


1. Evaluating evidence-based practice performance. Green ML. Evid Based Med. 2006 Aug;11(4):99-101.

2. Evaluating evidence-based practice performance. Green ML. ACP J Club. 2006 Sep-Oct;145(2):A8-10.